Real Talk: Black Minds Matter

Ep. 3 Oh Black Church...Where art thou?

December 02, 2020 Black Mental Health Alliance for Education and Consultation, Inc. Season 1 Episode 3
Real Talk: Black Minds Matter
Ep. 3 Oh Black Church...Where art thou?
Show Notes

Oh Black Church...Where art thou? is November’s podcast for Real Talk: Black Minds Matter. Historically, our churches have been the cornerstone of the black community for everything from the civil rights movement to public health awareness (i.e. Red Dress Sunday). It has been said that black people are more likely to look to their Pastor for advice, counseling, and political commentary as it relates to these challenging times. Our Co-hosts Andrea Brown and Nia Jones are joined by Rev. Bryce Jones, Co-Pastor and BMHA Chaplain. This episode discusses the importance of collaboration and the absence of such  between mental health professionals and spiritual leaders as we understand the REAL strengths and limitations of the faith community as it relates to Black mental health.

Links/Information discussed in this episode:

  • Hood Feminism (Book): 

  • Reading While Black (Book): 

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